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September 9, 2016
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Belly Breathing


Belly Breathing

There are six thousand holes in the lungs, but we breathe by only two thousand holes. Four thousand holes, which are deeper, never come into contact with fresh air, with oxygen, with life. They remain filled with stale carbon dioxide. Not only metaphorically, but physiologically too, we breathe very superficially. Perhaps there, too, is some deep-rooted fear.

We have forgotten what Natural Breathing is, now we have to understand what it is. If we can watch small children, their breathing is very natural and that is the reason the children are so energetic and the parents are so drained out & tired.

We have to understand from where we get the energy. We get the energy from Pranamaya Kosha and the energy is stored in the Belly. It is the energy reservoir. If a child is observed carefully, the child breaths from his belly and that is the right way to breathe. His chest portion is totally unaffected.  This type of natural breathing brings more Prana and more Chi in.

So the right way to breathe is through the Belly and not through the chest. Only during some emergency we can breathe through the chest.

It’s the nature’s measure for coping up with emergencies that we start breathing through the chest. When there is a danger, you are forced to drop the belly breathing and start breathing through the chest. Whenever there is danger you have to either fight or flight. And both burns too much of energy.  With the chest breathing you get a capacity to fight or run away to save yourself, but you will be totally disturbed and tense.

If you are always breathing from the chest, your state of mind will always be tense and fearful. The chest breathing is only for situations of danger and if it has become a habit then you will always be tense and fearful, either in the flight or fight mode. And you always imagine about some danger or the presence of an enemy even though nothing is there. And finally land up being Paranoia (a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically worked into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality).

There are a few scientists in the west who were Working on the bio energy – the Prana. They have come across this kind of observation that people who are fearful their chest is tense and they breathe very shallow. And when they were asked to breathe deeply through their belly – the Hara center, their fear had disappeared. By changing the way we breathe we can regulate the state of mind.

A child who is still not conditioned will breathe in a natural way. You have to breathe that way. Your belly has to move up as you inhale and go down as you exhale. By maintaining this rhythm a great relaxation, vitality and a great aliveness descends in you.

Deep breathing is also known belly breathing, abdominal breathing and paced respiration. Belly breathing is the most simple and effective breathing technique which improves your health.


The benefits of belly breathing are:

It reduces the risk of heart diseases by reducing the cholesterol level , blood pressure and blood sugar level.

It helps in reducing the chances of getting cancer.

Belly breathing will helps in improving respiratory system, by practicing the breathing techniques the diseases like asthma, chest pain and other respiratory problem can be reduced.

It will increase immune system and creates more energy in the body.

It allows the body to cleanse by releasing the sweat from the body.

It will help by improving concentration and increases the productivity and you will be able to make better decision.

By following this technique you will be able to relax and it helps in reducing stress.

It helps in reducing the carving for junk food.

It will help in controlling blood sugar level.

This breathing technique will help you to get good sleep.

This will help improve meditation and you will be relaxed and your creativity increases.

This will help you to strengthen the diaphragm muscles and help you in breathing efficiently.


Belly Breathing Technique:-

Practicing Belly Breathing by Sleeping


Take a normal breath

Before practicing belly breathing you should take normal breath and relax yourself.  Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.

Lie on your back and relax the body

Lie on a flat surface and relax your body.  You should lie on your back with your knee slightly bent or you can keep a pillow under your legs and keep your knee up.

Place your hands in right position

You should place your hands in right position that is after lying down you should place your one hand on upper chest and the other one below rib-cage.  Relax your hand as much as possible allowing your elbow to rest on ground, bed or sofa.

Inhale and Exhale breath.

Inhale your breath from nose and you should inhale till your abdomen, so the hand and stomach moves upward, while the chest remains still as possible. You should inhale till you cannot take air comfortably.  Exhale the breath by tightening your muscles. The air should be pushed out through your stomach.  Exhale your breath until you can comfortably exhale your breathe.

Repeat doing this throughout the week, this help you to slow down your breath rate and results in efficient breathing.


Practicing Belly Breathing by Sitting


You can sit down in the comfortable chair, keep your knees bent and you should relax your shoulder and neck.

Place your one hand on your chest and another lower stomach.

Inhale through your nose and inhale until you can take air comfortably.

Exhale from your stomach, breath out through the pursed lips.

Continue the exercise till 10 minutes.


IF YOU BREATHE DEEPLY, so deeply that the belly comes up and down, your chest will relax.

Your belly is bound to become bigger, but a strange phenomenon happens as you start breathing from the belly — you feel tremendous relaxation. Mind stops thinking……..


There are at least six thousand holes in your lungs, but you breathe by only two thousand holes. Four thousand holes, which are deeper, never come into contact with fresh air, with oxygen, with life. They remain filled with stale carbon dioxide. Not only metaphorically, but physiologically too, you breathe very superficially. Perhaps there, too, is some deep-rooted fear.


Breathing from the belly, your mind relaxes, your body relaxes, and oxygen reaches to all the holes of your lungs, forcing out dead carbon dioxide. It brings a tremendous release of liveliness, playfulness, laughter. Whenever you laugh deeply it is called “belly laughter.”



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