Disease is nothing but a way of life which a patient lives. Every man does not fall sick in the same fashion. Diseases also have their own individuality, their personality. It is not that if A suffer from X disease and if B also suffer from X disease, they both will be patients of the same kind. Even their X disease will present themselves in two forms, because they are two different individuals. It may also happen that the treatment that cures A’s X disease does not bring about any relief to B’s X disease. So deep down the patient is at the root, not the disease.


Medicine catches the diseases in man very superficially. Healing gets hold of man from deep within. In other words it can be said that medicine tries to bring about the health of a person from the outside; healing tries to keep the inner being of a person healthy.


Neither can the science of healing be complete without medicine, nor can the science of medicine be complete without healing, since man is all body, energy, mind and soul. In fact it is really a linguistic mistake to call man all of them.  For thousands of years man has thought that the body, energy, mind and the soul of a person are separate entities. This thinking has given rise to many dangerous results.


Man is soul-mind-energy-body or body- energy-mind-soul.  They are not different things, they are not four separate entities, they are four different states of vibrations of the same entity.  Actually, this notion of separation has harmed mankind badly.  For any illness all should be treated, and this is done by the healing.


Illness can begin from any of them, either of the two ends. It can start from the body and reach to the soul; in fact, whatever transpires in the body, its vibrations are felt in the soul. That is why sometimes it happens that a man is physically cured of a disease but still he goes on feeling ill. The disease has left the body; the doctor says there is no disease, but the patient still feels ill and refuses to believe that he is not sick. All the various investigations and tests indicate that clinically everything is alright, but the patient keeps on saying that he does not feel well.  This type of patient has really bothered the doctors a lot, because all the modes of investigation indicate that there is no disease. But having no disease does not mean that you are healthy. Health has its own positivity. Absence of disease is only a negative state. We might be able to say that there is no thorn, but that does not mean the presence of a flower; that there is no thorn only indicates the absence of thorns. But the presence of a flower is another matter altogether.


The science of medicine has so far not been able to achieve anything in the dimension of what health is. Its whole work has been in the dimension of what disease is.  If you question the science of medicine about diseases it tries to give definitions, but if you ask it what health is then it tries to deceive you. It says that when there is no disease, then whatever remains is health. This is deception, not a definition. How can you define health in relation to disease? It is like defining a flower in relation to thorns; it is like defining life in relation to death, or light in relation to darkness. It is like defining a man in relation to a woman, or vice-versa.

No, the science of medicine has not been able to say so far what health is. It can only tell us what disease is, naturally. There is a reason for it. The reason is that the science of medicine only grasps from the outside, only grasps the bodily manifestations– from the outside only the disease can be grasped. Health can be grasped only from that which is within the man, his innermost being and his soul. In Healing all the parts of the being are treated by bringing all the parts to the balance and harmoney.