Energy Body

Energy Body is bigger than the physical body and it is not confined in the physical body.  It is inside the physical body and also outside the physical body.  The energy surrounds the physical body like a subtle climate, an aura of energy.  If you are going to get illness or disease, your energy body shows indication of illness six months before manifesting in the physical body.  No examination, no testing of the physical body shows anything of the illness or disease, but the energy body shows it.  Before illness or disease entering the physical body it enters the energy body, hence it is possible to treat a person before he has fallen ill.  Once it becomes so then there is no need of humanity to fall ill.  Right and natural kind of belly breathing is required to keep the purity of breathing because the energy body is made up of a subtle energy that travels inside the body with the breathing.  Breathing from belly is required, belly should go up while inhaling and go down while exhaling.  The chest should not be used too much for breathing, it should be used in case of emergencies only. If breathing  done continuously from the chest, tensions and fear will be created in the mind.