April 28, 2016
Healer surrounded by ill people
April 28, 2016


The suffering is your interpretation. You have become too much identified with it.  That is your decision. You can dis-identify, and the suffering disappears. Your suffering is like a nightmare: in the dream you think a great rock has fallen on your chest, it is crushing you to death. Out of fear you awake…and all that you find is nothing — your own hands resting on your chest. But the weight of your hands triggered imagination in you: it became a rock, and you started feeling very, very frightened. And because of the fear, you are awakened…and now you laugh. Ask the buddhas, ask the awakened ones, and they say there is no suffering in the world —people are fast asleep and dreaming all kinds of sufferings.


And I know your difficulty: if you have a physical problem, if you are blind, how can you believe that this is only a dream? If you are crippled, how can you believe that this is only a dream? But have you not watched? — every night you dream, and every morning you know that it was a dream and all nonsense — and again you will dream, and in dream again you will believe that this is truth. How many dreams have you dreamed in your life? Millions of dreams! Each night you are dreaming almost without break; just for a few minutes the dreaming stops, and then again another cycle of dreaming starts.


Millions of dreams you have dreamed. And every morning you have laughed and you have said it was unreal, but you have not learnt much. Tonight again when you dream, the same fallacy will persist: you will know that this is truth — in dream you will know this is true. The day you can remember in your dream that this is a dream, immediately the dream disappears…because you have brought awareness into your life.


It looks very difficult to trust that all that you are suffering is just a dream created by yourself — but it is so, because all those who have become awakened say so. Not a single awakened person has said otherwise. And in lucid moments of awareness you will also feel the same. This is my suggestion for you: your problem cannot be solved only by an intellectual discussion — your problem can be only dissolved, not solved. Your problem can only be dissolved by becoming more aware.



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