April 28, 2016
April 28, 2016


The golden key of suchness is no ordinary key; it is a master key. It can work for the mind, it can work for the heart, it can work for the body; just the body will take a little longer. When you heard me talking about suchness, first your heart calmed down, felt the cool breeze of suchness, a deep acceptance of existence. But as the heart calms down it starts changing your mind. The mind is going to be number two. It will take a little longer time than the heart.


But the same key will work, and your mind will also cool down. The body will be the third, because this is the position: your being is your centre, and closest to your being is the heart; then is the circle of the mind, and then is the outer circle of the body. The body is the farthest from your being, so things reach there a little late. So lying down in your bed, allow the body also to feel suchness, that if it is suffering from a cold it is okay. A cold is not a disease but a cleansing. The inner mechanism of your body has a layer of mucus. It is a kind of lubricant to make your body function more easily, more smoothly. And just as in any mechanism you need a change of the lubricant once in a while — at least once a year, or twice a year the mucus which has become old and is not as efficient as it used to be has to be thrown out, and the body grows new mucus.


A cold is not a disease — that’s why there is no medicine for colds. If it was a disease, a medicine would be possible; hence, the saying, If you don’t take the medicine your cold will last for seven days, and if you take the medicine then your cold will last for one week.” Medicine or no medicine, it is not a disease, it is a cleansing. So accept it, and even when there is a certain sickness in the body, don’t resist it. Use medicine, but the whole attitude, the whole psychology will be different.


Medicine can be used with two different, almost diametrically opposite viewpoints. One is to destroy the disease. That is a negative attitude. That is the attitude almost everybody lives with. One who understands suchness will not take that attitude. His attitude will be that perhaps this illness is needed at this time. You don’t reject it. You are taking medicine only to help your body to accept the disease, to give your body enough strength so that you can live with the disease in suchness. You are not taking medicine against the disease; you are taking medicine to help your vitality, your health, to be strong enough so that you can accept this disease as a friend, and not create any antagonism. And you will be surprised that this idea of  suchness helps you in the turmoils of your heart, emotions, feelings, in the confusions of your mind, and in the sicknesses of your body.

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