April 28, 2016
Sex, Energy and Health
April 28, 2016

Sex and Headache or Migraine

          Is there some connection between sex and headache, or migraine?  medical research has come to the conclusion, but I say it from my own discoveries that I go on and on making — I’m an incurable discoverer, and sooner or later science will have to agree with me. The sex centre exists in the head, not in the genitals — that much science has come to know. And if the sex centre exists in the head and not in the genitals, then sex deprivation can create a headache. It will not create genital ache because there is nothing: it is only an extension of a certain centre in your mind.


Why have people started thinking — and doctors have started even advising their patients — that sex is good for your mental health? And they are right: all the people who have repressed sex in the past in the name of religion, have suffered tremendously with headaches. Even a man like J. Krishnamurti suffered for forty years continuously with such great headaches, migraine, that even he, a man of such understanding, used to think of hitting his head with the wall and be finished — the pain was too much.


It has been discovered that millions of men around the world suffer from migraine after making love. And 1 was reading a report of a Scientist – his mind itself is conditioned. He is trying to find all kinds of causes why men suffer from migraines. He has been working on the project continually for one year. Just now he has produced his report, giving many, many causes — physiological, chemical — and the reality is so simple, there is no need of any investigation. The reality is that you have divided men’s mind into two parts. One part says,  “What you are doing is wrong. Don’t do it”; the other part says, “It is impossible to resist the temptation — I’m going to do it.” These two parts start struggling, conflicting. Migraine is nothing but a conflict, a deep conflict, in your mind. No aboriginal suffers from migraine after making love.


Never bother about morality. The only concern for a sincere seeker is awareness, more consciousness. And your consciousness will take care of all your acts.  Without any effort, your acts will become moral — just like flowers without any act, without any effort they will blossom around you.  Morality is nothing but a conscious man’s lifestyle.


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