Self Massage for Mouth, Gums and tongue disorders

Gums, Tongue, Teeth
Acu Points for Tongue Mouth Gums Disorders
July 25, 2016
3.4 fingers to body functions thr organ meridians
Reflexology for Mouth, Gums and tongue disorders
July 29, 2016

Self Massage for Mouth, Gums and tongue disorders

4.14 mouth massage


Depression makes the corners of the mouth drop. Looking cheer­ful, delightful, more attractive and happy are dependent so much on the eyes and the corners of the mouth. When the muscles of the mouth are loose because of stress, depression, or sadness, the corners of the mouth drop and the energy system is depressed and in low key. No one likes to look at a sad face or a depressed face; it makes other people feel sad and depressed, too.

The flow of energy in the body and the expression of the face are the main attractive powers of a person. Massaging the mouth muscles up will help to lift the corners of the mouth. The Inner Smile and lifting up the corners of the mouth are very important to building up attractive energy.

Beautify the Mouth Massage

Using the thumb and the index finger of the right hand, touch both corners of the mouth and feel the Chi from the thumb and index finger pass to the corners of the mouth. Slowly press and push up about one inch, release and start again at the corners, pressing up ten to twenty times each day.

4.14 mouth massage

Gums, Tongue, Teeth

Healthy teeth require healthy gums as their foundation. These ex­ercises will strengthen both the gums and teeth. Teeth are the ex­cess energy of the bones, and when the teeth get stronger, so do the bones. When the teeth and tongue are strong, your breath im­proves as well, eliminating bad breath.

We regard saliva as an essential form of energy which can lu­bricate the organs and digestive system. The tongue is the open­ing of the heart, and both are made of similar tissue. A healthy and clean tongue will strengthen the organs, especially the heart. You should clean your tongue twice a day with a brush or scrape it with a tongue scraper, and massage your tongue with a tongue de­pressor or a clean finger. Find the painful spots and massage there until the pain goes away.


Open your mouth and stretch your lips tautly over your teeth. Use three fingertips (index, middle, and ring fingers) to tap the skin around the upper and lower gums. Hit around until you feel warmth in the area. (Fig. 4.35)

Gums and Tongue

Massage your upper and lower gums with your tongue. Then suck in some saliva, press your tongue tightly against the roof of your mouth, and try to exercise the tongue. When you strengthen your tongue, you are strengthening your heart. Press around. Press the tongue to the roof of your mouth, tighten your neck muscles and swallow the saliva. This lubricates the digestive glands and or­gans.

4.35 gums exercise


In a sitting position place the hands on the knees, palms down. Exhale and straighten the arms, spreading the fingers apart and keeping the hands on the knees. Open the mouth as wide as pos­sible and thrust the tongue out and down, focused on the throat. With the tongue out as far possible, gaze at the tip of the nose. The whole body should be tense. Hold the breath for as long as you feel comfortable. Relax with inhalation and regulate the breath. This will help to strengthen the throat, the tongue and the power of speech. These exercises will help to improve foul breath and to clarify speech.

4.37 gums and tongue

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