April 28, 2016
Physical Senses
April 28, 2016

Perverted Mind

Perversion happens the moment you go against your nature. You cannot throw your nature out of the window; it is within you. But if you go against it, its natural expression is closed. And when the natural expression is closed, the  unnatural energy starts finding some other way, it has to come out.


For example, celibacy creates millions of people who are perverted. Their perversion is rooted in their idea of celibacy; then homosexuality arises, lesbianism arises, sodomy arises, pornography arises. And now all that perversion has brought a new disease in the world, AIDS, which knows no cure. Still, no man of any importance is saying that it is because of celibacy — because that means irritating and annoying all the religions.


I have never thought that humanity is so poor that there are not even a dozen people who will say the truth — that when the time comes they will not hesitate to risk all their respectability. But I am utterly disappointed in the intelligentsia of the world: nobody is saying that it is celibacy that should be made a crime. On the contrary, governments are making laws saying that homosexuality is a crime. You are making the symptoms a crime, and nobody is even asking why people turn out to be homosexuals.


And who are the people who turn to homosexuality in the first place? — the monks, the soldiers, the prisoners, the boys living separately in university hostels. They become sexually mature at the age of fourteen and they have to wait at least ten more years for their marriage. And the biologists have found that men’s sexuality, their sexual energy, is at its peak when they are near-about eighteen years of age. By the time they get married they are already going down. And when they were at the peak of their energy, you prevented them from meeting girls; and the same is the situation of the girls. You don’t allow mixed hostels, otherwise there would be no homosexuality. You don’t allow nuns and monks to live in the same monastery, otherwise there would be no need for homosexuality. Destroy the basis and the perversion disappears.


Shepherds living far away in the forest or in the mountains, alone with their sheep, start making love to the sheep. That is sodomy; they can’t even find a man, they are so alone there, and their sexual energy wants some way to be relieved.


Perversion has been around man since religions began dominating him. They started giving disciplines to people without any understanding of human nature, without any knowledge of human psychology. They are still doing that, and they are forcing governments to make homosexuality a crime punishable by at least five years in jail. And the strangest thing is, in the jail, homosexuality is the most prevalent thing. So by sending homosexuals into jails, you are giving them new pastures, new possibilities. But nobody will say that celibacy is the cause, because all the religions preach celibacy.


Perversions arise because religions are against nature. And God is the most important cause of all perversions. Those who want perversions to disappear have to declare the death of God, because only with the death of God can those religions disappear and leave man in freedom to live according to his nature.


Religion has proved to be the greatest man-made calamity, a disaster, a suicidal attempt by man himself. It has created institutions which are all unnatural: celibacy on one hand, marriage on the other hand. And they have praised marriage as highly as possible. Marriages, they say, are made in heaven. But ask the married people —they live in hell. It is strange, marriages happen in heaven, and married people live in hell. But to say anything against marriage annoys even those people who are living in hell, and they will not raise their hands in support.



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