Unwinding Mind
April 28, 2016
Zen Koan
April 28, 2016

Monthly Period Cycle

For many women the days of the period are a little destructive, and the reason is very very biological. You have to understand and become a little alert and aware so that you can rise a little higher than your biology; otherwise you are in  the grip of it.  If you are pregnant, the period stops because the same energy that has been released in the period starts being creative: it creates the child. When you are not pregnant, every month the energy accumulates and if it cannot be creative then it becomes destructive. So when a woman is having her period, for these four or five days she has a very destructive attitude, because she does not know what to do with the energy. And the energy vibrates, it haunts the innermost core of your being, and you cannot give any creativity.


All creative energy can become destructive, and all destructive energy could have become creative. For example, Hitler: he wanted to be a painter in the very beginning, but he was not allowed. He could not manage to pass the examination and enter an art school. The man who could have been a painter became one of the most destructive men in the world. With the same energy he may have become a Picasso. And one thing is certain — he had energy. The same energy could have been infinitely creative.


Ordinarily, women are not destructive. In the past they were never destructive because they were continuously pregnant. One child is born, then again they were pregnant. For their whole life they used their energy. Now, for the first time in the world a new danger is arising, and that is the destructiveness of women, because now there is no need for them to be pregnant continuously — in fact pregnancy is almost out of date — but the energy is there.  There is a deep connection between birth control methods and the Women’s Liberation Movement. Women are becoming destructive and they are destroying family life, their relationships. They may be trying to rationalize it in many ways, but they are trying to be liberated from the slavery. In fact it is a destructive phase. They have the energy and they don’t know what to do with it. The birth control methods have stopped their creative channelization. Now if some channels are not opened to them they will become very destructive.


In the West the family life is almost gone. There is continual conflict, continual fighting, quarreling and being nasty to each other. And the reason is — and nobody understands what the reason is — a biological problem.


So whenever you feel the period is corning, be more alert; and before it  starts, do wild dancing. You can go beyond nature because you have a higher nature also. One can go beyond biology, and one has to, otherwise one is a slave to hormones! So whenever you feel destructive, start dancing. What I am saying is that dancing will absorb your energy. You are doing the opposite. You may like to rest and not do anything during these days, but do something — anything, go for a long walk — because the energy needs release. Once you catch the point, once you know that the dance relaxes you completely, those four days of your period will become the most beautiful because you will never have so much energy as then.


It is very good to know which days you will be suffering from your monthly period — whether you are a man or a woman — because when somebody is suffering from their menstrual period, you have to be more compassionate and more loving towards the person. He is not his usual self…. The only thing to be remembered is that if you both have menstrual crises on the same date, then one of you has to go for a honeymoon — just one. Each month you can alternate — next month the other one can go for the honeymoon. But don’t remain together, because that will be a very explosive situation….


Unless you become a watcher, unless you become a witness to your own mental states — this is what I call meditation. And these are great opportunities:  when you are feeling sad, just watch it. It is chemistry — you are consciousness. Don’t get mixed up with chemistry; don’t get identified with chemistry. It is physiology, it is chemistry, it is biology — you are consciousness, a watcher. Slowly, slowly, even when your whole chemistry is going berserk, you will remain centred, grounded, unaffected — and this is true for both, man or woman.”

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