Healing with Colors
February 3, 2017

Art of Self Healing

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When we get a disease, we consult a doctor. All the doctors in the world treat us through various ways such as medicine, tablet, injection, etc. and also using various other methods such as Neurotherapy, Siddha, Mudra, Unani, Pranic Healing, Touch Healing, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Magnet Therapy, Yoga, breathing exercise, meditation, Naturotherapy, Herbal therapy and many other such ways.

But, in this art of self healing, there is no medication at all. There is no need for any blood test. There is no necessity to check the pulse. We need not take any scan. There is no diet control either. Yet, we can cure the diseases! You may wonder how it is possible. In this treatment, we can cure any disease even without enquiring about the name of the disease and its nature.

Generally, when we go to a doctor, we describe in detail the nature of our disease to the doctor for at least 30 minutes. The doctor asks us to take several laboratory tests. Finally, a name is given to the disease. Then the doctor prescribes the medication. In most of the cases, the doctor tells us that the disease cannot be cured but can only be controlled throughout our life.

But, in art of self healing, they can cure their diseases without the patient telling anything about his or her disease and also without taking any test at all. You may ask, “What on earth will you do?”  The patient has to just read and follow the instructions. That is all the treatment. This is why this treatment is called “Art of Self Healing”. Again you may ask: “How can a disease get cured just by the patient reading and following the guidance?”

There is a gland in our body. All the people in the world have this gland. A liquid is secreted by this gland. This liquid cures 95% of all the diseases in the world.

What is the name of this gland? Where is it located in our body? What is the name of the liquid secreted by this gland? How does this liquid cure all the diseases?  How to make this gland secrete that liquid? This is a simple trick, you get by reading and following.

When the patient understands this technique, learns it and starts following it, he cures his diseases by himself. Now, you are going to learn the same trick by reading this knowledge. This is why we can call the treatment that you get by reading this book as “Healing by Reading”.

Many people who read this may find it unbelievable. Some of you may ask, “I have Diabetes for the past ten years. Can it be cured just by reading this book?” The answer is “Certainly yes!” After reading this book from the beginning to the end, you can eat sweets from the next moment and throughout your life! From that moment, there is no Diabetes for you.

Similarly, those who have blood pressure can add salt in their food from the moment they complete reading this book! You will be alright throughout your life. Immediately after reading this book, those having gas trouble can eat potato thrice daily and they will not have any gas trouble at all.

Those of you having fat-related diseases such as Lipoma can eat oil dishes and coconut without any restriction from the moment you complete the reading of this technique. It will not harm you at all. On the contrary, it will cure the diseases. Those of you who have skin diseases can start eating Brinjal, Chilli, etc. from the moment you finish this book. Nothing will happen to you throughout your life.

Thus, there is no diet control in this treatment. We can cure our diseases by eating the very same items that are prohibited for these diseases. Moreover, depending on the nature and intensity of our diseases, we can stop all the medications step by step within 3 to 6 months.

Doctors tell you that diseases such as Diabetes, BP, Asthma, Thyroid, Cancer, AIDS, etc. cannot be cured at all and you can only control them throughout your life. But, if you read this technique patiently from the beginning to the end, you can surely cure all such diseases by yourselves from the very moment you finish reading it.

This may sound highly astonishing. Many of you may say, “It is impossible!” Please reserve any such opinion about this treatment until you read this complete technique from the beginning to the end. Do not express any comment without reading completely.

There is no need for doctors and medical researchers who say that diseases cannot be cured. Doctors and researchers are there only for curing the diseases.

Do you think that you will cure your diseases only by consuming medicines and tablets? What do we want? We just want to get our diseases cured. That is all!

If you want to learn a trick or two by which you can cure any disease without any medicine, tablet, blood test, scan or any doctor’s help, then this technique is for you. Therefore, patients who completely read this technique can easily cure themselves, whatever may be their disease.

Those of you who are doctors and other professionals who are in the field of medicine, whatever may be your field of medicine, will never say that a disease cannot be cured, after you finish reading this technique. Therefore, we believe that, if doctors, instead of patients, read this book, this treatment will reach several millions of people through them. So, I earnestly plead with the medical professionals to read this book completely with an open mind and then think, sitting alone.

Thus, patients can read this knowledge and can cure their diseases & medical professionals who read this book can refine their practice.

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