April 28, 2016
Third Eye
April 28, 2016

The Body

The body has millions and millions of living cells; each cell has its own life. You have lost the capacity of wonder; otherwise you would wonder first about your own body, how the body turns the bread into blood. We have not been able to find a factory yet where bread can be turned into blood. And not only that, it sorts out what is needed and what is not needed by your body; that which is not needed is thrown out, and that which is needed is needed for different functions.


The body goes on supplying different places, different parts of your body, whatever their need is. You eat the same food for all your needs; out of the same Food your bones are made, your blood is made, your skin is made, your eyes are made, your brain is made; and the body knows perfectly well what is needed and where it is needed. The blood is circulating continuously, supplying particular chemicals to particular parts.


Not only that, the body also knows the priority. The first priority is your brain – hence, if there is not enough oxygen, first the body will give the oxygen to the brain.  The other parts are tougher and they can wait a little, but the brain cells are not so tough. If they don’t get oxygen for six minutes they will die, and once they are dead they cannot be revived.


It is a tremendous work of intelligence to be alert about the different functions.  When you have a wound, then the body stops supplying certain parts which can survive, but first the wound has to be healed. Immediately the white cells of the body rush towards the wound to cover it so it is not open. And then inside, the work, the very subtle work, continues.


Medical science knows that we are not yet as wise as the body is. The most prominent physicians have said that we cannot cure the body; the body cures itself -we can only help. At the most our medicines can be of some help, but the basic cure comes from the body itself. It is a wonder how it is being done. It is such a vast work.


If we want to do all those functions we will need almost one square mile of factory with many complicated mechanisms, computers. Then, too, we are not certain that we will succeed.


First, inside become one with your body, then become one with the whole existence.  The day your heartbeat has a synchronicity with the universe and its heartbeat you have found yourself.


Respect your body the same way as you respect your soul. Your body is as sacred as your soul is. In existence everything is sacred because the whole thing is throbbing with the heartbeat of the divine….


You are moving moment to moment, from one stage of consciousness to another stage of consciousness. The body may be fast asleep, but it is also conscious. You know if you are asleep and a mosquito starts disturbing you, you remain asleep and your hand removes the mosquito…. The body has its own consciousness.


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