Sex and Headache or Migraine
April 28, 2016
April 28, 2016

Sex, Energy and Health

Everything that the religions have called bad can be used in a tremendously beneficial way.  For example, sex they have condemned as bad and the doing of the devil, but if you condemn sex, then you become unable to transform its energy….


And it is simply energy. It can move in any direction, downwards, upwards. If you accept it, in the very acceptance it starts moving upwards because you are befriending it.  The moment you reject it you are creating an enmity, a division in yourself.


This division between God and devil is not just there in the holy books. It has penetrated you, it has made you schizophrenic. One part thinks, “This is me — the good part — and the bad part must belong to the devil.” You are split. Now, how are you going to change that part you have rejected from your being as not yours? It is there, and it is intensely powerful. Your rejection makes it more intense because you don’t use it, you go on collecting it, you go on repressing it.


Ninety percent of the mind diseases in the world are nothing but repressed sexuality, and fifty percent of body diseases are repressed sexuality. If we can accept sexuality naturally, ninety percent of your mental diseases will simply disappear, and fifty percent of physical diseases will simply disappear, leaving no trace behind. And you will find human beings, for the first time, in a totally new age of health, well-being, wholeness.


Only that wholeness is holy, when your schizophrenia is no longer there; when you are one, integratedly one — and courageous enough to accept everything, that, “This is me. Whatsoever it is, it is me, and I am going to make use of it the best I can?”


Sexual energy is another name for your life-force. The word ‘sex’ has become condemned by the religions; otherwise there is nothing wrong in it. It is your very life. Sexual energy is a natural energy: you are born out of it. It is your creative energy. When the painter paints or the poet composes or the musician plays or the dancer dances, these are all expressions of your life-force.


Not only are children born out of  sexual energy, but everything that man has created on the earth has come out of sexual energy. Sexual energy can have many transformations: at the lowest it is biological; at the highest it is spiritual. It has to be understood that all creative people are highly sexual. You can see the poets, you can see the painters, you can see the dancers: all creative people are highly sexual, and the same is true about the people whom I call the mystics. Perhaps they are the most sexual people on the earth, because they are so full of life energy, abundant, overflowing….


Sexual energy is your potentiality for spiritual growth. You can become enlightened only because of your sexual energy.  Has there ever been an enlightened, impotent person? There is no incidence recorded anywhere. An impotent person has never been a great poet either, or a great singer, or a great sculptor, or a great scientist. What is the problem with the impotent person? He has no life-force; he is hollow. He cannot create anything — and to create oneself as an enlightened being needs tremendous energy….


Sex has become a thing of the marketplace. On the one hand, religions have been repressing sexual energy and creating perversions which have culminated in the dangerous disease AIDS, which has no cure. The whole credit goes to religions, and if they have any sense of being human, then all the churches and all the monasteries and the Vatican itself should be turned into hospitals for the people suffering from AIDS, because these are the people who have created them. Theirs is the responsibility. They have forced men to live separately from women; they have insisted that celibacy is the very foundation of a religious life. But celibacy is unnatural, and anything unnatural cannot be the foundation of a religious life.


Because celibacy is unnatural, and religions have divided men and women into different monasteries, they have created the situation for homosexuality. They are the pioneers of homosexuality, and homosexuality has led to AIDS, which cannot be called simply a disease because it does not come into the category of diseases. It is death itself. So on the one hand religions have created perversions; on the other hand they insisted on monogamy, which in fact means monotony. That has created the profession of the prostitute. The priest is responsible for the prostitute. It is so ugly and sick that we have created objects, commodities, things to be exploited out of so many beautiful women.


Even today, it is not understood exactly what sex is. It need not be repressed, because it is your very energy. It has to be transformed, certainly; it has to be raised to its highest purity.  And as you start moving upwards — the name of the ladder is meditation— sex becomes love, sex becomes compassion, and ultimately sex becomes the explosion of your inner being, the illumination, the awakening, the enlightenment. But it is sexual energy: it can rot, it can go into perversions. But if it is to be understood naturally and helped through meditation to move upwards towards silent spaces, to pass through your heart and reach to the seventh centre at the highest point in your body, you will feel grateful towards the energy. Right now you feel only ashamed.


This shame and guilt is created by the religious organizations, founders of religion. Naturally the question arises: Why did they make sex a mess? And through making a mess of sex they have messed up the whole world and its mind and its growth. Why? — because this was the simplest way to keep humanity in slavery. This was the simplest way to keep people guilty, and anybody who feels guilty can never raise his head in revolt. So all the vested interests wanted man to lose his dignity, self-respect, to feel guilty, ashamed. They have been condemning sex continuously, and their condemnation has led the whole world into a very miserable, psychologically abnormal state….


All these crimes are perpetuated by your so-called virtuous leaders, religious saints. But they have been doing this harm for thousands of years. Rather than helping man to sublimate his energies, to make them creative, they have only been able to force man to repress his energies. And repressed energies become a cancer, repressed energies create all kinds of perversions.


Medicine has given man longer life. There are people in the Soviet Union who have passed their one hundred and eightieth year, and they are still young; there is every possibility that they will pass their second century. There are thousands who have passed beyond one hundred and fifty, and no religious leader condemns it, saying that medicine should be stopped from giving people health and longevity. No religious leader goes on saying that diseases should be allowed because they are God-created.


Medicine can be used; people can be made more healthy…and naturally when they are more healthy they are more sexually powerful. But, there should be birth control methods for two reasons: birth control methods will keep the world healthy, nourished; secondly, once birth control methods are used, sex loses its profanity — or its sacredness. It becomes simple fun, it becomes just a joyful exchange of energies. Birth control is the greatest invention that man has made. It is the greatest revolution because it can make man and woman equal, liberated. Otherwise the woman is constantly pregnant, and because of her pregnancy she cannot be independent financially, she cannot be independent educationally, she cannot be independent from man’s domination. Once she is free from being pregnant compulsorily she will have as much time, as much energy to be creative. Until now half of humanity has remained uncreative: no great poets, no great saints, no great musicians, no great artists. Women have had no time. Even the books on cookery are written by men, not by women. And the best cooks are men, not women: in all the great five-star hotels you will find great cooks, always men. Strange…that has been the domain of the woman forever, but she has no energy left. Because of these religious people she will never be liberated.


Sex energy has to be welcomed and transformed through the alchemy of meditation into higher states of being, into creativity in different dimensions, not only creating more and more children. Life has to be planned — it should not be accidental.”

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