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April 29, 2016
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April 29, 2016

Self Hypnosis

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Hypnosis is an artificially induced state, usually resembling semi-sleep i.e.,  not awake and also not in sleep.  The individual goes into a near sleeping state.  His normally argumentative conscious mind is now in abeyance i.e. in the state of suspension.  In this state any suggestions given, are directly embedded into the subconscious mind.  Under hypnosis the suggestion act as a stimuli and are firmly impressed in the subconscious.  The results are automatic.


The involuntary body process of the body like heartbeat, blood circulation, digestive processes, sneezing, winking etc are been controlled by the sub-conscious mind and these can be mastered through self hypnosis.  Any health issues can be corrected through self hypnosis.


We start given Suggestions  first on a conscious level, as we go on repeating, we move to a semi conscious level which is called as hypnotic or somnambulistic state.  Whatever suggestions are given in this somnambulistic state get best results.  Self hypnosis can be very easily learned and practiced and can be utilized to the maximum extent in self healing.


Sit or lie down comfortably.   Choose a spot or a point which is easy and keep on looking it without blinking the eyes.  Attention to that spot or point is very important to induce a hypnotic state.  Now mentally give yourself suggestions that your eyes are becoming heavy and tired.  Give yourself the suggestions that as you count to ten your eyes will become heavy and watery and that you will find it impossible to keep your eyelids open by the time you reach the count of ten.  If you find that you cannot keep eyes open and have to close them, then you are probably under hypnosis.  At this point deepen the state by again slowly counting to ten.  Between each count mentally give yourself suggestions that you are falling into a deep hypnotic state with a sleepy feeling.


Start giving suggestions that your health is improving, your health is curing, your health is healing and also like your pain is going, your pain is dissolving, your disease is going, your disease is dissolving.  You can specifically state the name of the disease and also part of the body which is paining.  It is good to start practice while going to sleep and go to sleep as you go on doing self hypnosis.


Let us assume that your eyes did not become heavy.  Then take a longer count.  You can count to one hundred if you need this period of time for closure of your eyes.  The closing of the eyes itself is the first sign that you are going into hypnotic state.  Let us assume that you get the eye closure, but you don’t feel sleepy with hypnotic state, take a longer count to get yourself to a very relaxed hypnotic state, then you can give suggestions on healing.


After doing it for sometimes, you can give up the counting of ten or hundred and start looking at a point, staring the point without blinking the eyes, start giving  the suggestions that you are becoming healthy, your pain is going / dissolving, your disease is going/ dissolving, then automatically you are moving from conscious level to sub-conscious level and your suggestions will be embedded in sub-conscious and you get immediate quick results.

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self hypnosis for pain and disease

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