YOGA MUDRA (Seal of unity)

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June 24, 2016
twist in the seated meditation mudra
June 24, 2016

YOGA MUDRA (Seal of unity)

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YOGA MUDRA  (Seal of unity)

So that you can sit comfortably and bend forward as far as possible, it may be necessary to place a thick, stable cushion beneath your buttocks.

• Sit with your legs crossed, hands on your back, with one hand encircling the other.

• Inhale: The consciousness travels from the root chakra to the forehead chakra.

• Hold breath: Keep concentrating on the forehead chakra for several seconds.

• Exhale: Bend forward and direct your consciousness from the forehead chakra back down to your root chakra.

• Hold breath: Keep concentrating on the root chakra for several seconds.

• Inhale: Sit up straight and direct the consciousness from the root chakra to the forehead chakra again.

• Exhale.

• Repeat 6 times until it becomes a flowing movement.

• Now cross your legs the other way, encircle the other hand, and repeat the whole exercise again 6 times.


This mudra “massages” the lower abdominal organs, which are responsible for numerous complaints, such as digestive disorders, constipation, menstrual complaints, and bladder problems. The individual vertebra are separated from each other, whereby the spinal nerves that emerge from the vertebra are gently stretched and stimulated. These nerves connect the entire body with the brain so this vitalization has an effect on overall health. The solar plexus chakra, which is considered one of the most important sources of energy, is stimulated to a special degree. The Yoga Mudra also helps reduce pent-up aggravation and tension, giving a person inner repose and peace. It makes the nadis, the subtle energy channels, permeable so that the elemental force from the root chakra can rise upward.