Reflex Points in the Head 13

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Reflex Points throughout the Body 12
June 27, 2016
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June 27, 2016

Reflex Points in the Head 13

reflex points in the head 13

On the very center of the top of the head are the reflexes to the reproductive organs. Down toward the forehead is the reflex to the stomach; under the nose are the reflexes to the pineal and pituitary, then the spleen and the pancreas reflexes. Straight down from these reflexes are the gonad reflexes on the chin.

This seems to be the center meridian (or zone) line that runs through the body.

One way to massage these reflexes is to use the center finger, which is called the “fire finger” because it sends out energy more strongly than the other fingers. Do not rub the skin, but rather, rub the bone under the skin very gently.

On the back of the head there are many reflexes indicated–areas that are helpful in understanding the science of Reflexology.

There are three methods of stimulation for the head:

(1) Grab handfuls of hail and pull. This stimulates not only the hair but also the reflexes to the whole body.

(2) Close the fists very loosely and swing them loosely from the wrists as if they were on hinges. Very gently, use the fists to tap the top of the head not more than 30 seconds. This stimulating is enough to bring life to every organ and gland in the body.

(3) Use a wire brush to tap the head gently all over. This is an excellent reflex stimulator and also stimulates the hair follicles to promote new hair growth.