Mudras for Skin Disorders

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Acupressure for Skin Disorders
June 25, 2016
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June 26, 2016

Mudras for Skin Disorders

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    13 PRITHIVI MUDRA (Earth Mudra) for skin disorders

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    20 KSEPANA MUDRAb (The gesture of pouring out and letting go)

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    KAKi MUDRA (Raven beak) for skin disorders

    Kaki Mudra The Raven Beak Gesture

    Kaki Mudra The Raven Beak Gesture

    Sit in a comfortable meditation posture.

    Pout your lips to make an “O” shape.

    Focus on the tip of your nose (Agochari Mudra).

    Now slowly and deeply inhale through your mouth.

    Close your mouth and hold your breath for 10 seconds.

    Now slowly exhale through the nose.

    Repeat 10 to 30 times.


    • This mudra cleanses the mouth, gums and the entire upper digestive tract.
    • Skin glows and becomes purified.
    • It calms the nervous system.
    • It improves the sense of taste.
    • Saliva secretion is stimulated.

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