April 27, 2016
April 27, 2016


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Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy used to create a sub conscious change in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or feelings.  It is undertaken with the subject in hypnosis.  Hypnotherapy interacts directly with the sub conscious to find core issues and problems of persons life.  You can change core issues in sub conscious and through it the physical  is changed.


Hypnotherapy goes deeper and touches the vigyanmayakos: the fourth body, the body of consciousness. It does not use medicine. It does not use anything. It simply uses suggestion, that’s all. It simply puts a suggestion in your mind — call it animal magnetism, mesmerism, hypnosis or whatsoever you like, but it works through the power of thought, not the power of matter. Even homoeopathy is still the power of matter in a very subtle quantity. Hypnotherapy gets rid of matter altogether, because howsoever subtle, it is matter, . Ten thousand potency, but still, it is a potency of matter. It simply jumps to the thought energy, vigyanmaya kosh: the consciousness body. If your consciousness just accepts a certain idea, it starts functioning.


Hypnotherapy has a great future. It is going to become the future medicine, because if by just changing your thought pattern your mind can be changed, through the mind your vital body, and through the vital body your gross body, then why bother with poisons, why bother with gross medicines? Why not work it through thought power? Have you watched any hypnotist working on a medium? If you have not watched, it is worth watching. It will give you a certain insight.


Trust is hypnotherapy. Without trust, you cannot enter into the subtle parts of your being, because a small doubt, and you are thrown back to the gross. Science works with doubt. Doubt is a method in science because science works with the gross. Whether you doubt or not, an allopath is not worried. He does not ask you to trust in his medicine; he simply gives you medicine. But a homoeopath will ask whether you believe, because without your belief it will be more difficult for a homoeopath to work upon you. And a hypnotherapist will ask for total surrender; otherwise, nothing can be done.  Religion is surrender. Religion is hypnotherapy.

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