April 28, 2016
April 28, 2016

Hypnosis to Meditation


In self-hypnosis, there is no danger. You just go through the whole process, looking at a bright thing that tires your eyes — that is its only function — and you go on repeating what the hypnotist was repeating, but inside your being. Finally, you will find you cannot keep your eyes open; they are closing. You have lost control over them.


That feeling of losing control over your eyelids immediately gives you the feeling that you are certainly falling into deep sleep. As long as you are aware, you go on repeating, “I am going deeper, deeper,” and a moment comes when you have gone deepest into your unconscious. And after ten minutes the alarm will go off, and you will come back from your unconscious to the conscious. You will be surprised how fresh, how young you are feeling within yourself— how clean, as if you have passed through a beautiful garden full of flowers, with a cool breeze.



You can also give yourself post-hypnotic suggestions. They have to be given at the last moment when your eyes are closing and you feel that now you will be going deeper. Before going deeper you start saying, “From tomorrow my health will be better.” Just choose one thing, not too many; don’t be greedy! And just a fifteen-day session or three-week session just on yourself, whatever you are saying… perhaps that your meditation will go deeper from tomorrow. You will find that your meditation is going deeper and you can create a very beautiful link.


When the meditation goes deeper, then you can suggest to yourself, “Tomorrow my hypnosis will go even deeper.” You can use both to bring you to the very depths of your unconsciousness.


Once you have touched the depths of your unconsciousness, then you can start a second suggestion: “Although I will be in the dark unconscious, a slight awareness will remain so that I can see what is happening.” And then go on repeating, “My awareness which was slight is becoming bigger and bigger and bigger….” And one day you will and the whole unconscious is lighted with your alertness — and that’s what meditation is.


Hypnosis can be used, should be used, without any fear. Either together, by people who trust each other and love each other, so there is no fear that they will exploit…you are with your very intimate friends; you know that they cannot harm you, you can open yourself, you can be vulnerable. Or just yourself…by yourself it will take a little longer, because you have to do two persons’ work yourself. That is a little disturbance.


But now, because mobiles are available you can dispose of the other person completely, and give the suggestion part to the mobile. And the mobile certainly cannot misuse it; it cannot tell you to kill your wife, unless you have put that on the tape.


Whatever you put in the mobile it will repeat! You can put the whole process in the mobile, all the suggestions of falling into sleep, heaviness of the lids, going deeper.  And then when you are deepest — a gap of four, five minutes, so you settle in your deepness — then from the mobile comes the voice saying that your meditation will become deeper from today, that you will not have to struggle with your thoughts. The moment you close your eyes, the thoughts will start dispersing themselves.

The mobile can be immensely helpful because there is no question of anybody to trust. You can trust your mobile without any fear. And you can lock the door so that nobody plays with your mobile — otherwise somebody may trick you!


Self-hypnosis has to be in the service of meditation; that is its greatest use. But it can serve health, it can serve long life, it can serve love, it can serve friendliness, it can serve courage.  All that you want, self-hypnosis can help you with. It can dispel your fears of the unknown, it can dispel your fear of death; it can make you ready for being alone, silent, peaceful. It can make you able to continue an undercurrent of meditation the whole twenty-four hours.


You can even suggest, “While I am asleep my small flame of awareness will continue all through the night without disturbing my sleep.”


Therapy should dissolve into hypnosis, and hypnosis should dissolve into meditation. Then one of the greatest forces for enlightenment has been created.



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