April 28, 2016
Take Care Do Not Love
April 28, 2016

Healer surrounded by ill people

A Healer needs to be meditative more than anybody else — because your whole is dangerous in a way. Unless you are very calm and quiet, unless you can remain unaffected by things that happen around you, it is very dangerous.


Whenever the healer is treating a person who is psychologically disturbed, in a mess, he is constantly broadcasting his vibes. He is constantly throwing out his own energy, his negative waves upon the healer, and the healer has to listen to him. The healer has to  be very attentive. The healer has  to care, have to love and be compassionate towards him; only then healer can  help him. He is constantly throwing negative-charged energy — and the healer is absorbing it. In fact the more attentively the healer listen, the more the healer absorb it.


The healer living continuously with neurotic and psychotic people, the healer start thinking, in an unconscious way, that this is what humanity is. We become by and by like the people we live with, because nobody is an island. So if you are working with sad people, you will become sad. If you are working with happy people, you will become happy, because everything is infectious.  Neurosis is infectious; suicide also is infectious.


If you live around people who are enlightened, very aware, then something in you starts responding to this higher possibility. When you live with people who are very low, abnormally low, in a perverted state, then something morbid in you starts corresponding and relating to them.


So to be continuously surrounded by ill people, is in a way dangerous, unless the healer protects himself. And there is nothing like meditation to give the healer protection. Then the healer can give more than he was giving and yet the healer will remain unaffected. The healer can help more than he was helping, because the higher the healers energy, the more is the possibility to help.


In fact, in a better world, every healer should be trained deeply in meditation, that is the only way that he can protect himself and not be vulnerable — and then the healer can really help.










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