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Healing Hand for Self Massage
June 9, 2016
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Six Healing Sounds Practice
June 10, 2016

Head Massage

head massage
  • 4.1 crown point junction of hundred energy channels

    Crown Point 1

    I.  Head

    A.  Crown Point (Fig. 4.1)

    This is located in the center of the crown; in the fontanelle area of an infant’s skull there may still be a slight depression. The crown point is the junction of one hundred channels through which the energy of the body passes. Massage this area with both your middle fingers. This will relieve dizziness and headaches, which result from too much energy in the head. It also relieves high blood pres­sure and stimulates the nervous system.

  • 3.6 bringing chi energy to hands

    Bring Chi Energy to the Hands and Face 2

    B.  Bring Chi Energy to the Hands and Face.

    Inhale, contract the sexual organ, buttocks, and middle of the anus. Rub the hands, clench the teeth, and put the tongue to the roof of the mouth. When the face, head, and hands are hot, breathe nor­mally and begin to massage.


    4.6 facial muscles


  • 4.2 knocking the head

    Knock the Head 2

    C.  Knock the Head (Fig. 4.2)

    Hit the head with the knuckles of the hand, knocking all around the head. Knocking the head lightly can help to clear your head, elimi­nate stubbornness and make your thinking sharper. Many of our students use this knocking of the head to release the pressures that they have from today’s life of fast, advanced technology and the feeling of always having to keep up. This is especially true of those graduate students who feel a great deal of pressure and stress in keeping up with their studies. Each year students com­mit suicide because the pressures and stress accumulate too much in their heads, making them unable to think clearly: they start to feel everything in their society as too much pressure, which leads to worry, fear, sadness, and many, mixed emotions. The simple knocking of the head can release pressure and stress that accu­mulate there.

  • hold the breath 3

    Hold your Breath to increase Chi flow 3

    D.  Hold your Breath to increase Chi flow.

    Holding your breath will increase the Chi flow to the face. The head has many channels that join in the skull, especially in the crown point.

  • 4.3 massaging the scalp

    Scalp Massage 3

    E.  Scalp (Fig. 4.3)

    Prepare your hands, head and scalp by warming up. Using both hands like a comb, press hard and move slowly, massage the scalp, going straight back from the hairline to the base of the skull. As you do this, mentally direct your energy from the back of the skull to your feet. Repeat 6-9 times. Massage more in any places in which you feel pain, until the pain goes away.

  • 4.4 crest the edge of the skull

    Crest Massage 4

    F.  Crest (Fig. 4.4)

    Using your thumbs, massage the crest (the edge) at the base of the skull until you feel no pain there. (Fig. 4.5) This will help you reduce headaches and eye aches and will increase vision. This place in Tao tradition is called the Pool of Wind which tends to collect the “evil wind”, the major cause of all the pain in the senses.

  • 4.5 from hairline to base of skull

    From Hairline to Base of Skull 5

    F.  Crest (Fig. 4.4)

    Using your thumbs, massage the crest (the edge) at the base of the skull until you feel no pain there. (Fig. 4.5) This will help you reduce headaches and eye aches and will increase vision. This place in Tao tradition is called the Pool of Wind which tends to collect the “evil wind”, the major cause of all the pain in the senses.

  • 4.7 wiping your forehead

    Forehead massage 7

    Forehead (Fig. 4.7)

    Using alternate hands, wipe your forehead from one side to the other 6 to 9 times.

  • 4.9 corresponding organs to head and face

    Corresponding Organs to Head and Face Massage 9

    Corresponding organs to head and face

  • 4.12 mid-forehead massage

    Mid-Forehead Massage 12


    Use the second joint of alternate index fingers to massage the middle of the forehead, from the center to the temple. (Fig. 4.12)

  • 4.13 temples massage

    Massage the Temples 13


    Use your index fingers to massage the temples in a circular mo­tion, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Massage the forehead and the temples; use the knuckle rub from the middle of the fore­head all the way to the temples ten to twenty times. (Fig. 4.13) These exercises will reduce headaches in the front and in the temples. Find the painful point and massage it until the pain is gone.

  • 4.14 mouth massage

    Mouth Massage 14


    Depression makes the corners of the mouth drop. Looking cheer­ful, delightful, more attractive and happy are dependent so much on the eyes and the corners of the mouth. When the muscles of the mouth are loose because of stress, depression, or sadness, the corners of the mouth drop and the energy system is depressed and in low key. No one likes to look at a sad face or a depressed face; it makes other people feel sad and depressed, too.

    The flow of energy in the body and the expression of the face are the main attractive powers of a person. Massaging the mouth muscles up will help to lift the corners of the mouth. The Inner Smile and lifting up the corners of the mouth are very important to building up attractive energy.

    Beautify the Mouth Massage

    Using the thumb and the index finger of the right hand, touch both corners of the mouth and feel the Chi from the thumb and index finger pass to the corners of the mouth. Slowly press and push up about one inch, release and start again at the corners, pressing up ten to twenty times each day. (Fig. 4.14)

Head Massage:-

The head massage is for headaches, nervousness, and an imbalance of Chi energy in the brain. The causes of headaches and nervousness are very complex. The head is the place in which all the nerves are seated and is the central control of the whole system. Nowadays you see a lot of young people who are very nervous. This nervousness causes insomnia, loss of appetite, faster heart beat, difficulty in breathing, tiredness, laziness, etc. It seems that all of this is not symptomatic, but it greatly affects the efficiency of work and gradually is considered mental disease.


The skull massage will strengthen the nervous system. With the tongue touching the roof of the mouth as it is during the massage, and the eyes moving up to the left and then across to the right, you can feel the stimulation of the Chi energy from left to right. This balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain and will result in strengthening the glands, senses and organs.


The head and skull massage will increase the blood circulation and will increase the nutrition of the skull and hair. We have students whose white hair grew black and students whose falling hair became denser as more hair grew back. The hair also grows softer. In the morning and at night before sleeping, you should brush your hair at least 25-50 times. Find a good brush, and be careful of the scalp. Do not scratch the skull, which might result in a headache or sense of pain.

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