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April 27, 2016
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Energy Cleaning and Energizing

pranic healing

The aura is basically the energy body. Each of us has an aura. Interestingly, illnesses, before manifesting in the physical body, actually appear in the aura or our energy body. An unhealthy aura is thus an essential symptom before any disease or disorder manifests. Aura cleansing is thus crucial.


Cleansing the aura helps in achieving inner stillness and thus allows one to communicate with one’s higher soul. Any normal person’s aura is usually filled with inner noise that consists of various emotion clouds and thought forms. Aura cleansing is thus essential if one seeks to master the art of achieving inner stillness.


Pranic healing employs two basic principles: Cleansing and Energizing. Aura cleansing, along with cleansing of the chakras is essential for cleaning any negative, dirty and detrimental energy in the etheric body.


When a chakra is mal-functional and requires to be energized, the process of healing is hastened when there is refined pranic energy. Smaller molecules are absorbed into the chakras in the human body with greater ease and speed while gross prana, being heavier, might even lead to congestion.


Aura cleansing and the cleansing of the chakras should ideally be conducted before energizing. Cleansing the aura and the chakras leads to facilitation with regard to the absorption of the prana or ki (chi).  Cleansing hastens the healing process. Moreover, lesser quantity of prana is necessary once the aura and the chakras have been effectively cleansed.


Aura cleansing opens up blocked channels and does away with diseased energy so that the healing energy can work with speed and fluidity. When energizing precedes cleansing, there is a very strong chance of the recurrence of the ailment either immediately or within a considerably short span of time. Healing can thus be successfully accomplished only when the diseased energy is cleansed first and then the affected parts are energized.


While you cleanse, it should be thrown to the salt water vessel i.e. a vessel filled with some salt and water.  .  After the cleansing, the hands should be thoroughly washed.




Open your palms and keep it open.



Take breath stop it till it is possible


Light feather touch on your eyes.







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