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April 28, 2016
April 28, 2016

Eating Meditation

Eat for the joy of it; then you are man, human, a higher being. Love for the joy of love; then you are man, a higher being. Listen for the joy of listening and you will be freed from the confinement of instincts.


Your insistence is not on dieting but on awareness. Eat well, enjoy it tremendously.  Remember, the rule is: If you don’t enjoy your food you will have to eat more to compensate. If you enjoy your food you will eat less, there will be no need to compensate. If you eat slowly, tasting every bit of it, chewing well, you are completely absorbed in it. Eating should be a meditation.


You should not be against taste because you should not be against the senses. To be sensitive is to be intelligent, to be sensitive is to be alive. You should not be against taste, they would make your tongue absolutely dull so you don’t taste anything. But that is not a state of health; the tongue becomes dull only in illness. When you have a fever, the tongue becomes dull. When you are healthy the tongue is sensitive, alive, throbbing, pulsates with energy.  Eat well, taste well; the taste is divine.


And so, exactly like taste, you have to look at beauty and enjoy; you have to listen to music and enjoy; you have to touch the rocks and leaves and human beings — the warmth, the texture — and enjoy. Use all your senses, use them to their optimum, then you will really live and your life will be aflame. It will not be dull, it will be aflame with energy and vitality. I am not for those people who have been teaching you to kill your senses; they are against the body.


And remember, the body is your temple, the body is a divine gift. It is so delicate and it is so beautiful and it is so wonderful — to kill it is to be ungrateful to God. God has given you taste; you have not created it, it is not anything to do with you. God has given you eyes and God has made this psychedelic world so colourful, and he has given you eyes. Let there be a great communion between the eye and the colour of the world…. Everything is in a tremendous harmony. Don’t break this harmony.


These so-called mahatmas arc just on ego-trips, and the best way to feel that you are great is to be against the body. Children do it. The child feels that the motion is coming; he holds it, he feels powerful because he feels his will: he will not yield to the body. His bladder is full and he holds it. He wants to show the body “I’m not your servant, I’m your master.” But these are destructive habits.


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