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June 12, 2016
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June 13, 2016




1. Major Cause of Stress

Constipation is a major cause of stress. The key to good health is a clean colon. Much of the health field believes that as much as ninety percent of diseases are due to constipation and unhealthy colons.

The modern life that we live in–the concrete jungle, in which we eat refined foods, less fiber, more meat, less greens less fresh fruit and fresh vegetables–causes us to have less Chi. The Chi pressure that moves the fluids and all systems in the body is lessened. Therefore, the stomach does not have enough Chi to digest food; and the small intestine will be slow in absorbing the nutrients; and the large intestine and rectum will not have enough pressure to push the waste material out. When this material stays in the colon, the body reabsorbs toxins from the waste. These reabsorbed toxins first affect the liver which, as it becomes filled with the toxins, produces negative emotions, such as anger, bad moods, and anxiety. The next to be affected is the blood which, as it becomes filled with waste material and toxins, disturbs the other organs’ functions, lessening their ability to do their work, and causing stress and nervousness.


2. Constipation causes holding back and lack of Openness.

People who hold back, are stingy and cannot let go always retain all kinds of unnecessary garbage. This type of person keeps problems inside and becomes emotional easily. This can be caused by long term constipation.

The way to overcome this kind of constipation is to try to solve problems every day and speak out in a nice way, so that the Chi that is stuck in the organs can flow. Many people today learn how to speak out but do so in a way that is not nice. This causes more problems and more constipation. Having peace of mind will permit you to solve problems in peace, letting you speak out in a nice way.

3. Constipation makes you age faster.

All toxins that are retained will collect in your body: in your skin, making it coarse, not smooth; in the neck and shoulders area, re-sulting in headaches and shoulder pain; and in other places. They will cause a hardening of the whole system.

The nice feeling of a clean colon will make Chi flow and will help your whole day to be pleasant, open and happy.


4. Abdominal Massage—Wonder of Healing

Abdominal massage is one of the best ways to solve constipation. In the beginning you might see black and cloudy colored bowel movements during elimination. This means that long term matter stuck to the walls of the intestines has finally loosened.

When you feel the need to go to the toilet, just go. Many people like to hold back until, after a while, the feeling of the bowel is gone. As a result, they have to hold it for the next time or the next day. It should become a habit to have a bowel movement every day; the morning is the best time.

You can do the abdominal massage right before you go to sleep and right after you get up. Usually shortly after you massage in the morning you will go to the toilet to move out the bowels.


A. Sleep face up.

Sleep face up, pull up your feet and place them your shoulders’ width apart.


B. Rub your hands until warm.

Rub your hands until warm, then rub the large intestine and the rectum, starting from the lower end of the left side up and across to the right side and down to the lower right side. (Fig. 7.1) Massage in a clockwise direction for nine to eighteen times. If you feel a painful part or a knot, spend some more time massaging until it softens. Use your mind to help guide the Chi flow according to the movement of the large intestine flow.

7.1 abdominal massage


C.  Massage the Small Intestine.

To massage the small intestine, divide the abdomen into three parts. (Fig. 7.2)  Massage from the left line to the right line. Use the middle and index fingers and massage in a circular movement, up, down, and up, and go to the next line. Repeat three to nine times. If you find a painful point or knots, massage clockwise and counterclockwise until the pain or knots are gone. Be cautious if you have had an abdominal operation; do only what you can withstand.

If you find a big lump, put your palm over it and sleep with it there; this will soften the knot and release the pain and will help you to move your bowels more easily the next day.

7.2 divide abdomen into three parts


5.   Massage during Bowel Movements.

After you first move the bowels and stop and are waiting for the next movement, you can massage the abdomen to help clean out any “stew” that still is in the ascending colon, by rubbing clockwise at the ileocecal valve at the right side near the hip bone. Massage from the lower end of the right corner up to the rib cage. (Fig. 7.3)

7.3 massage the abdoment during bowel movements

Massage the sigmoid colon at the left side of the pelvis. Massaging this part can help you clear out more of the remaining “stew”. (Fig. 7.4)

7.4 massage the sigmoid colon

In Tao we say that when you move the bowels, in order to be clean you must first urinate and then have the bowel movement. Finally, clean out with more urination and you will feel clean.

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