June 13, 2016
ear massage

Ear Massage

Ears It is believed that a person with thick, long ears will have a long, healthy life and that the personality will be more attractive. The […]
June 13, 2016
nose massage

Nose Massage

1.Bring Chi energy to the hands Repeat the procedure for bringing energy to your hands, contract­ing the front part of the anus. 2.Nostrils Widen the nostrils. […]
June 13, 2016

Massage Daily Practice

Massage Daily Practice First line prevention is best. The goal of the Tao principle is to walk through to the end of life without sickness. We […]
June 13, 2016


Constipation 1. Major Cause of Stress Constipation is a major cause of stress. The key to good health is a clean colon. Much of the health […]
June 12, 2016
knee and feet

Massage Knees and Feet

Knees and Feet Knees are Toxin Collectors. Toxins tend to collect in the lower limbs because of the slowdown of the circulation due to gravity. The […]