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June 25, 2016
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Mudras for Abdominal Stomach Pain
June 26, 2016

Acu Points for Abdominal Pain

5 directions for use of thumbs or fingers to exert pressure 2

Abdominal pain,  Stomach Gas and Indigestion Problems can be cured by various Acupressure Points. Here we provide some Acupressure points to relieve Gas and Stomach Problem.  Acupressure Points are very helpful to give relief in various stomach problems including Gas, Acidity, Burning, Indigestion, etc. Acupressure Points can reduce the Gas in Stomach and other Indigestion problems gradually. Applying firm pressure on effective Acupressure Points regularly gives best relief to Stomach Pains, Gas Problems and Indigestion.


Acupressure Points have several spots on Feet, Hands and Stomach which should be stimulated on daily basis. There are many reasons behind various Stomach Problems i.e. improper food, fast eating, irrelevant time eating, Spicy and Sour food, Oily food, Junk food etc. Moreover, alcohol, tobacco, smoking habits is also responsible for Gas and Stomach related problems. Here we will show Acupressure Points for abdominal pain, Gas in Stomach and Indigestion Problems.

Acupressure Points 5, 22, 25, 28, 81, 82, 83

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    Acu Point 5 for Abdominal pain Li-4

    2 forearm & front of shoulder 1 large intestine meridian 3.10

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    Acu point for 22 Abdominal pain St-36

    6 front of leg2 stomach meridian 3.11

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    Acu point 25 for Abdominal pain St-44

    7 top of foot 2 stomach meridian 3.11

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    Acu point 81 for Abdominal Pain CV-6

    25 front of body 14 conception vessel meridian 3.22

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    Acu Point 82 for Abdominal Pain CV-9

    25 front of body 14 conception vessel meridian 3.22

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    Acu point 83 for Abdominal Pain CV-12

    14 conception vessel meridian 3.22 25 front of body

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